The Job Guarantee

The job guarantee. This is not full employment that may still mean an unemployment rate of 2-4%. This is a job for everyone. This would not only reduce poverty because the unemployed are well represented in poverty numbers. It would see an end to the bickering and ideological wars over unemployment benefits. Work for the dole and stereotypes about the lazy unemployed. The private sector has never and will never be able to provide employment to everyone. They are unlikely to hire those they are most adverse to. The long-term unemployed, the disabled worker, and the mature-aged worker.

WGAR News: Rally held ahead of Muckaty court challenge: ABC Alice Springs

Newsletter date: 28 May 2014


* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Kado Muir about cultural genocide, mining, employment and economic disposition

* Monika O'Hanlon, NT News: Elders lead dump demo
* ABC Alice Springs: Rally held ahead of Muckaty court challenge
* CAAMA Radio's Damien Williams interviews Beyond Nuclear Initiative Nat Wasley on Muckaty and the waste dump
* NT News: Take a tip and ditch the dump
* Background to the proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump in NT


WGAR News: Evidently: Finding the truth in the employment gap: Jon Altman, Tracker

Newsletter date: 4 March 2013


* Jon Altman, Tracker: Evidently: Finding the truth in the employment gap

* Amy McQuire, Tracker: We have your back [strong Aboriginal women on the frontline]

* NACCHO: Positive health gains for Aboriginal community controlled health organisations

* Jeff McMullen, Tracker: The Way Ahead: The Aboriginal Voice

* Amy McQuire, Tracker: Behind Enemy Lines: Taking sentencing out of the court of public opinion
* Peter Robson, Green Left: NT introduces new mandatory sentencing laws