Direct Democracy

Effigy Maker returns to Ballarat for the Eureka Rebellion Commemorations

Itinerant peace activist and effigy maker, Graeme Dunstan, has returned to the Ballarat district to prepare for the celebration of the 159th anniversary of the Eureka Rebellion.

Mr Dunstan, who travels the east coast of Australia organising and supporting protest events, has been supporting the Eureka anniversary commemorations in Ballarat with his distinctive flags and lanterns for the past 15 years.

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How democratic was the decision to reduce General Assemblies at Occupy Melbourne?

I attended Occupy Melbourne last weekend and had a very positive experience including attending a GA and staying over on Saturday night in the Treasury Gardens. I was pleased to see positive proposals being made and people working so hard to keep this movement going. A couple of days later I checked out the website and now I feel compelled to write about how whether deliberately or not, General Assemblies have been undermined by some people working within the Facilitation Working Group. I am referring to the decision at the GA on Sunday 6th Nov to only hold General Assemblies twice a week.