Clover Moore

Clover Moore and The Homeless


Dear Clover

I have read with concern about what happened at Wentworth Park and while I don't believe anything I read in The Daily Telegraph, I am still troubled by what the council did. (I know the stupid Tele attacks anything you do)

I read the statement on your website but it didn't really answer my worries.

You said that you didn't move anyone on or kick them out but why insist that they can't even have a tent?


Cyclists upstage Alan Jones anti-cycling rally

Tuesday evening was supposed to be a rally with 2GB conservative radio shock jock Alan Jones railing against Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moores plans for expanding cycling infrastructure and the recently completed Bourke Road Cycleway. However, cyclists from Bikesydney organised a counter event at the Sydney Town Hall in support of cycleways which drew up to 300 people. Alan Jones was nowhere to be seen.