Rev. Tim Costello's Bloated Pay Packet


2.2 billion people live on less than $2 a day and over 1 billion live in extreme poverty, trying to survive on just $1.25 per day.

Given these appalling facts the work of Aid agencies like Oxfam, World Vision, Save The Children etc is vital.

But what is a reasonable amount to pay someone who heads one of these agencies?

In the case of TIM COSTELLO from World Vision the answer is disturbing to say the least.

His “total remuneration” package is $316,000 per year.


Show us the money: Charities that help the needy found to be most transparent

When it comes to charities, some are more transparent than others.

Charities that work in financial assistance, research, and advocacy are some of the most transparent in Australia, a new charity rating has revealed. In findings released by ChangePath, 650 charities across 25 sectors were compared to see just how transparent they were about where their money had gone.


The Necessary Futility of Charity

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Charity work is essential to modern day society, in pretty much every part of the world. Helping people in miserable situations when they are struggling to help themselves is often a life saver, and charitable giving undeniably supports millions of people in the world.