The Allies at Gallipoli: Defeat in 1915, Disgrace in 2015

By David Boyajian

April 25 will mark 100 years since the Allies – the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and France – made their ill-fated landing on Turkey’s Gallipoli peninsula during WW1. Having barely gotten off the beaches after months of fighting, the Allies withdrew in defeat leaving over 44,000 dead and 97,000 wounded.

News Limited, Herald Sun hate speech, The Australian bullying

author: Chrisentiae
date: Saturday 11 August 2012
Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne University media and communications undergraduate student Sasha Burden, completed an internship with the Herald Sun for two weeks. She wrote of her experiences in the university magazine, Farrago, page 27. (1)

The Age newspaper wrote about this in their article headed: Article pits Hun against student intern. (2)

The Herald Sun responded by complaining to Melbourne University and publicly going on the attack of the university student.

Key findings of the university student included (3):