botched executions

Examples of Botched Executions in 'civilized' USA

The 'civilized' USA loves the death penalty to death. It's too bad that the land of life, liberty and pursuit of the death penalty is incapable of getting its own criminal justice system in order. Besides having a seriously flawed, racist, discriminative and often corrupt death penalty law, the USA is incapable of getting its execution methods in order - which have resulted in many botched executions. It's inconceivable that all this is happening in the land that preaches human rights to the rest of the world.

Oklahoma (USA) Governor Thanks Witnesses After Botched Execution

"So I appreciate you coming today and thank you for your attendance," said Oklahoma (USA) Governor Mary Fallin before leaving the room and not responding to any questions regarding the prolonged botched execution.

In the USA (aka, The Land of The Free) the Governor of Oklahoma thanked with appreciation all the witnesses that had gathered to watch the execution of a convicted murderer Clayton Lockett, which resulted in yet another prolonged (45 minutes) botched execution in The Land of The Free.