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RISE Exclusive Media Release 20/06/2011

On World refugee day, June 20 2011, RISE feels compelled to express our concern about the asylum seeker deal between the Malaysian and Australian governments. This day marks the 60th anniversary of the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (July 28) and the 50th anniversary of the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (August 30). Events are being held around the world where refugee communities are being invited to dance and sing and help celebrate this landmark day with refugee agencies all over the world.


Villawood burns - eyewitness account

Below is an eyewitness report of the protests at Villawood reposted from Brami Jegan’s blog

At about 11.55pm last night (Wednesday) I got a frantic call from ’S aunty’ saying that Villawood Immigration Detention Center was on fire and our friends inside (who we had got to know over the past year ) were really scared about the escalating unrest.


Another tragic suicide at Villawood as detainees protest

An Iraqi man has tragically taken his own life on Monday 15th November at Villawood. This is the second suicide in two months at the detention centre run by the Multinational Serco. Refugee activists are holding protests outside the centre as detainees go on a hunger strike inside the centre. This suicide comes in the same week as a violent brawl at a Melbourne Detention Centre between Afghan teenagers recently moved from Christmas Island. Just like under Howard, traumatised people are being stressed and broken by the thousands by the Gillard Government with over 5000 people locked up in Australia's immigration gulag's. Just to emphasize the sense of history repeating, the Federal Government has confirmed that 10 asylum seekers have sown their lips together in protest on Christmas Island as the trouble in the detention centres escalates.
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