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Presenting our radical start / homepage for anarchists and comrades

A homepage for activists and social revolutionaries with lots of features such as search tools, links and webtools to make your surfing easier.

A homepage for activists and social revolutionaries, its an anarchist homepage with lots of web tools, links and almost all search engines including torrent search.

It also features a small text forum for communication, information and sharing with other users, And Guerilla Radio and webchat.
Check it out, and ttry it out.

Venezuela – El Libertario #65: Opening up free spaces

The February-March 2012 issue of this voice for anarchist action and thought is out, as always committed to liberty and equality in solidarity since 1995. This issue includes the following:

- Primary opposition elections: analyzing a bag full of cats (by H. Decarli)
- Contempt for continuity (G. Diaz)
- Venezuela’s popular movement (E. Lander)
- The people, an identity for domination (S. Mendez)
- Interview with the student group Resistencia, from the Universidad Nacional Experimental of Yaracuy