The secret recording & AFP corruption

In 2005 the AFP were passed a secret recording of a man discussing the collection, from Sydney Airport, of the marijuana which was found in Schapelle Corby's bag in Bali.

They hid it. They buried it. They pretended that it did not exist.

They not only did this whilst Schapelle was being destroyed in Indonesia, but they did it whilst the man in question was fighting the media after they had damned his claims and presented him as a liar.

The proof of this emerged when the Expendable Project published the Candidate Sources Report, which included an extract from a set of minutes from within the New South Wales Crime Commission. These explained what was in the recording, and confirmed that it has been passed to the AFP.

The Expendable Project has now published the full set of leaked minutes:

It is also worth noting here, not only that the meeting included corrupt NSWCC police officer Mark Standen, but that it refers to 'Tom', who was an integral part of the corrupt Sydney Airport baggage handler syndicate which was on duty when Schapelle flew. 'Tom' was never charged, and he was allowed to keep $758,370 of the money he had accrued from the sale of cocaine:

Equally interesting is that the minutes themselves also refer to... yet another corrupt AFP officer, and yet another corrupt NSW Police Officer.

The mainstream media in Australia have refused to report any of this. 



It's great that these things can be reported right here. No, the mainstream media are fairly useless. Even if Schapelle were guilty, no-one deserves all those years in that hell-hole.