Forest Rescue activists target live export

Forest Rescue Works With Earth First.
Forest rescue lock up sheep ship, Ocean Shearer.
Media Release
Sunday 4th March 2012

A forest Rescue activist, working with Earth First has today locked themselves to a sheep transport ship, the Ocean Shearer. Activists are protesting against the exportation of live animals overseas. The activist went on board and captured footage of the horrific conditions the sheep are forced to live under whilst in transport from farm to slaughter. They then proceeded to “lock on” in order to request that the Department of Agriculture and or the RSPCA come and inspect the ship for any wrongdoing and or cruelty to animals.
Footage has been collected form the activist and is ready for media to peruse after consultation with Forest Rescue, who are acting on behalf of Earth First for this particular action.
Today’s action coincides with an international “Climate Camp”, in which activists from across the globe gather in order to complete and action against the use of faux, a fabric made from the fur of innocent puppies (dogs). Forest Rescue would like to remind the public and governments that we have always worked closely with other organisations that create awareness and positive change for our environment, and will further strive to do so.
Campaign spokeswoman Amy Flee has stated,
“Earth First, Forest Rescue is always proud to support Earth First.”
“This action follows a judge finally charging a truck driver $10,000 for four counts of animal cruelty.”
“Animals are treated worse in transport than they are anywhere else in their life journey, and Australia should check its own backyard before going over sea’s headhunting.”
“The whole live export must be re-assessed in 2010 alone there were nearly 27,000 sheep that had died during the transport process.”
When Forest Rescue asked the police media liaison about what was happening the only response was that. “Police are on the scene and are monitoring the situation.”
However the police liaison officer had stated that, “Everyone has the right to protest.”
When asked if the police were worried about how to remove the activist, due to the unorthodox removal of another activist within a logging campaign at the Warrup Forest near Bridgetown, where the activist had both hands severed by police whilst in the removal process, they provided no comment.
The activist is still locked on and we would encourage the support of the community, by a show of numbers at the B shed at the Fremantle port.
For more information, pictures, video or enquiries please contact, Amy Flee on 0424576874.


Thanks to the oxygen thieves from the 'Shed Tears for Sheep Foundation', that chained themselves to the loading race at the live export boat today, for holding up my truck and resulting in my sheep suffering as they have now spent excess time on the truck and can now not be fed & watered til morning! It would be appreciated if they keep their ideals to themselves and not thrust their lentil eating ways upon us all!!!