Money Woes Today And Yesterday mp3

Collage about the finance woes of today and yesterday with:

Margrit Kennedy, media samples, "Global Economist" by Clarke and Dawe, Now Show excerpts, Clone Wars excerpts, "Occupy Main St. spoof, "Shall I stay, shall I go" by Mitch Benn, Herman Cain's benign nine, nine plan, Silvio Gesell and the Woergl Experiment 1932, German money 900 AD, Nazi money, occupy movement hope

sounds: 20/20 Cloud 9, Hotel Baghdad Tijuana Cartel, Roy's Scat, Bonni, Lipitone, Lovetheme from Centerlink

29:54 min 128 kbps stereo 27.5 MB


Dominic Dagenais, Kattam Tam, Ronald Nazaire, Leodie Domond, and Sanya Michel Elie!! Don't Miss it!!
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