Global capitalism freaks out at Greek worker resistance

The E.U. and the IMF on behalf of international finance are demanding that the Greek people pay for years of corrupt rule and tax evasion by the Greek elite at home and to help payback the billions of debt transferred from the private to the public sector as a result of the bailouts to banks after the 2008 GFC. However Greek workers are not following the script and are mobilising on a massive scale. Join the Can't pay wont pay solidarity action

A rally has been called in Melbourne to offer solidarity to people and workers in Greece against these cuts which are soon to be implemented in many countries around the world on May 16th at the State Library.

To read more about the crisis from a socialist perspective at Greek Parliament passes deep social cuts in the face of mass opposition.

Also using the Google Translate function direct accounts of the demonstrations can be read at Athens Indymedia



For those of you on Facebook who are planning to attend the event check out the Facebook event page
Solidarity With the Workers and people of Greece!