Closed energy loop for Sydney

This video outlines plan for integrating the creation of liquid fuel (Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene & Biodiesel) from local crops (especially algae used in sewage processing) and electric energy in a process that exploits the byproducts (and wastes) from one process to feed into the next as input. This circular integration produces distributed market risk for each process that results in overall greater pricing stability and consistency in greater total profitability. This system is the heart of "independent islands of green energy" that can be the basis of economic development of a sustainable future for virtually any community but is specifically designed to bring poverty, drought and starvation ravaged areas into the modern western world standard of living, which thus also creates new market opportunities for western goods and services, while also reducing world demand for fossil based fuels, and providing local energy security.



fight climate change now, actions speak louder than words

Research into the Green shift has been going on for at least 40 years. If Julia Gillard is going to bring into being the carbon tax against the big polluters like those who mine fossil fuels, then is she going to come up with a alternative policy like the Green Shift, in America & other countries around the world people are investing in biofuel production alot more & many diesel cars have been manufactured so as to support the use of biofuels, the good thing about algae is that it can be grown in desert areas, alot of research has gone into algae. Its all about making the way we do things cleaner & reducing our pollution & also have more control over our ecological relationship in our economies.

Such a policy will save many of our forests from deforestation & help preserve native wildlife habitats & also help preserve & assist eco-tourism.

The beauty of algae is that it can be grown in arid areas & so as a biofuel it will not consume land which can be used for producing food. In the 1970's it was found to be the most efficient biofuel, producing more oil than any other crop. Current international Biofuel outlines are stuck in 1930's research & findings.

Algae requires nutrients, sunlight & water to grow, algae thrive on saline, brackish and waste waters. Their have been proposals made where wastewater, human waste, animal waste & plant waste, along with C02 emissions from industrial process's can all be used as the nutrients in algaculture. In regards to the monoculture production of algae, wastewater, human waste, animal waste & plant waste, along with C02 emissions from industrial process's, would have to be all transported or pumped to arid area algaculture farms. After oil is extracted from the algae the algae residue is then used as a animal feedstock or as a soil fertiliser.

here is the original video created by the now defunct . . .

It was a very well produced video describing what a closed energy loop is