Two protestors arrested in Artec woodchip mill shutdown

Two female protesters from CODE GREEN have been released on bail from the George Town police station this afternoon after shutting down the Artec ancient forest woodchip mill facility at Bell Bay.

Sarah Doornbusch 28, a veterinary support officer in Launceston and Dinah Too,21 studying furniture design at UTAS in Launceston were acting as environmental advocates for Tasmania's ancient forests.

Miss Doombush stated that “ As someone who works with wildlife, I am passionate about protecting their native forest environment” She was cut free from the log truck this afternoon by Police Search and Rescue. The log
truck arrived this morning carrying old native forest destined for the woodchip pile, to be exported to China.

Miss Too, who was released also today, had chained herself to the top of the woodchip conveyor belt inside the Artec compound. She erected a banner 20m up above the native woodchip pile that read “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”.

“The forest peace deal does not offer the necessary protection of Tasmania's native forests. Until then I will be committed to the preservation of this vast and unique land” Said Miss Too.

“CODE GREEN will continue pushing for the full formal protection of Tasmania's Ancient ecosystems, until there is real peace in the forests.”Said Spokesperson Joanna Pinkiewicz.


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