Call out for solidarity for Jock Palfreeman 11th-17th of April


Continuing the campaign for Jock; Jock Palfreeman is a 23 year old Australian who, on the 27th of December 2007, had the courage to stand up against 16 fascist hooligans on a night out in Sofia, Bulgaria. He witnessed the fascists chasing and attacking two young Roma boys. Jock ran to the boys’ aid, he did his best to keep the fascists at bay by waving a knife at them but they attacked him. Jock was left with nowhere to run and had no choice but to defend himself. Andrey Monov, one of the racist gang, was stabbed and killed and another, Anton Zahariev was injured. The Roma boys ran away.

Jock has since been tried and sentenced for murder and attempted murder. He has
been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and has been fined 375,000 Australian
dollars. Jock has spent much of the time he has already served in isolation due
to a legal loop hole used by the prison authorities.

Andrey Monovs father is well known in Bulgaria and at the funeral there were a
mixture of judges, police and politicians. Jocks trial was (not surprisingly) a
complete sham – yet another example of corruption and secret handshakes in the
judicial system. The prosecutions case was built on the witness statements made
by the other Nazis that were there that night, all claiming that Jock randomly
attacked the group and chased them with the intent of killing somebody. Key
people and possible witnesses for Jocks defence were never interviewed by police
and the CCTV footage from the scene miraculously went missing. Many of the
statements made at the time were not the same as the statements submitted to the
court by the prosecution.
Jocks statement has remained consistent from the night in question.

You can read Jocks official statement at You can also watch a
documentary about his case that contains interviews with Jock at the following
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Jock appealed against his sentence and few court hearings took place between October 2010 and January 2011. Despite police officers confirming his version of events, one of the fascists making totally incoherent statements in court trying to explain why he changed his original testimony , mounting evidence of judicial errors during the initial trial and all other factors pointing to his innocence his sentence of 20 years was upheld. (For Jocks statement about this please go to: ) He has one last chance of appealing against that decision.
It is now more important than ever that we collectively put as much pressure on
the Bulgarian authorities as possible to accept Jocks final appeal.
From the 11th to the 17th of April there will be another International week of
action for Jock. The more creative the actions the better. Don’t let Bulgarian state bury this courageous man alive in prison! Don’t let them think that they can get away with it!

If you are short of ideas why not try one of the following;

Organize solidarity actions outside Bulgarian Embassies and Consulates etc.
(for a list of the Bulgarian Embassies and Consulates please see,
Phone the Bulgarian Embassies and Consulates with your protests.

Help us to bombard the Bulgarian Authorities with letters of protest and
requests for Jocks appeal to be accepted.

(please see below for a list of addresses).

If you want us to help promote your events send us the details at
Ideally protest letters are best written in your own words BUT we have provided
a sample letter (attached) that can be sent if you do not want to write your
own. Just print it out, sign it and post it, it’s as simple as that. Feel free to
reprint it and distribute it to anyone you think may send a copy.

We need to get the pressure up and keep it up.

Addresses to post, fax and email your letters of protest to:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria
Address: 2 Aleksander Zhendov Str
Sofia 1040
Tel: +359 2 948 2999 (ready form for sending messages from their website, very helpful)

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria LONDON
186-188 Queen’s Gate
London SW7 5HL
Tel.: (0044) (0) 207 584 9400, (0) 207 584 9433
Fax: (0044) (0) 207 584 4948

Information, Public Relations and European Communication Directorate
Director: Sofia Vladimirova
Tel: +359 2 971 1408. OR +359 2 971 3778. OR +359 2 948 2218.
Fax: +359 2 870 3041

Ministry’s Reception Desk
Tel: +359 2 948 2018 OR +359 2 971 1054
(opening hrs 09.30 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 16.00)

Ministry of Justice

Finally, please write to Jock, even if it’s only a ‘good luck’ postcard.
Any letters and postcards help to keep Jock feeling positive and high spirited and
all are gratefully received. You can write to Jock at the following address:
Jock Palfreeman,
Sofia Central Prison,
21 General Stoletov Boulevard,
Sofia 1309,

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in regards to Australian National Jock Palfreeman.

Mr. Palfreeman is currently imprisoned in Sofia Central Prison in Bulgaria.
After defending two young innocent boys from a viscous attack by a group of
drunken football hooligans, and later being forced to defend himself against the
same assailants, he was sentenced to twenty years incarceration under charges of
murder and attempted murder.

He is clearly only guilty of causing accidental death while using self defence.

Mr. Palfreeman witnessed the gang (of around 16 men) attacking the two boys and
ran to their aid. While trying to keep the gang at bay he suffered a viscous
attack and was left with no choice but to defend himself. His version of events
has remained consistent since the night in question and is supported by numerous
witnesses. All of whom are prepared to testify in his defence.

It has since transpired that at his trial, to my astonishment, key people and
possible witnesses were never interviewed by police, the CCTV footage from the
scene went missing and many of the statements that were submitted to the court
by the prosecution were not the same as the statements made (by the same people)
on the night in question.
Anything working in favour of Mr. Palfreemans’ defence was completely
disregarded by the judge and the prosecutions case was built on the witness
statements made by the football hooligans that initially attacked the two boys,
all claiming that Mr. Palfreeman randomly attacked them and chased them with the
intent of killing somebody.
The trial was a farce!

I ask that the Bulgarian Authorities grant him his appeal and release him from those absurd charges!

Mr. Palfreeman selflessly saved the lives of two young boys, risking his own
safety and costing him his own freedom. He should be deemed a hero, not a cold
blooded killer!


This is a repost from the website Anarachist Solidarity


He should get the death penalty for carrying and using a knife one more guttless scum bag off the streets three cheers for the Bulgarian authorities there is no reason to carry a knife only to stab somebody.Hopefully he wont make it out of jail alive an eye for a eye.

Right on Sean this thug stabbed two people in Australia in 2004.
Why people are sticking up for scum who use knives has got me beat.
The person he killed in Bulgaria was stabbed in the back keep the dog locked up
If you cant fight with your fists dont fight at all

OH REALLY?????????? Then why were the gang of thugs attacking Jock Palfreeman throwing concrete tiles at him??? 15 or more young people against ONE man??? I truly believe they would probably have killed Jock had he not had a knife to defend himself. I am not condoning people carrying knives, but Jock was in grave fear for his life. You are all biased! If you had the brains to read the court transcripts you would clearly see there has been a gross miscarriage of justice done by the Bulgarian courts against this young Australian man. Such racism should not be happening in today's world!!! Get a life you idiots, and find out the FACTS before commenting!!!!

Jacquie if he was carrying a knife like you said it was only to stab people that is the facts.He was found by a court to have murdered another human being and locked up in jail how is this racism dick head.

You say he is only guilty of causing accidental death your joking he pulled a knife out and stabbed people what do you think can happen when you stab some one they die.
I don't carry a knife because it's the same as carrying a gun.
I will be writing a letter to jock saying rot in hell you prick! I will also be writing to the Bulgarian Embassy saying you got it right and apologise for the Australian legal system for not locking him up in 2004 for stabbing two people here in Australia if they did this person in Bulgaria would still be alive today.
There is nothing more gutless than using a knife I bet he is a skinny short arse trying to be a big tuff man he's got Little mans disease.
Or may be I should come down to your protests and stab the lot of you and if any one dies I can say it was accidental I'm sure you will back me on that you dick head

Lets get this story straight Andrey Monov was a law student he died from being stabbed in the back the two young boys were gypsies who had priors for theft.
Paul Jock Palfreeman was charged with stabbing two people in Australia in 2004 but charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.
Flowerpower you say he should be deemed a hero for carrying a knife and stabbing somebody in the back do you have a brain?
I know you can't judge a book by it's cover but in the photos I have seen of him he has knotted hair and bum fluff on his face you can just about smell him through the photo I think he realized it too and had a hair cut a shave and a wash for court but all too late for a image change.
I have written and phoned the Bulgarian Embassy in Canberra informing them about Jocks previous charges for stabbing people that were dropped due to the lack of evidence and thanked them for taking this gutless animal off the streets and I urge every body who feels the same about people who use knives on the street to do the same thing.

David, you need to get your facts straight. Andrei Monov was not stabbed in the back. The wound was 'high, towards the back of the armpit', consistent with his arm being raised, which is consistent with the claim that he, and others in the group, were throwing pieces of cement at Jock...this is verified by independent witnesses. Second, the DNA of the second guy who was stabbed (but not killed), Anthony Zahariev, was not found on Jock's knife. The only people searched were Jock, Andrei & Anthony. Therefore it's entirely possible (if not probable) that Anthony was accidently stabbed by one of own mates.

And if you'd seen pictures of Jock's arrest you'd know that he was sans "knotted hair and bum fluff on his face" before the trial.

Rosanne hold your arm above your head and point to the back of your arm pit.That is your back fuck witt.
Jock the gutless prick was carrying a knife and used it I'm glad the piece of shit is off the streets.There is no excuse for carrying a knife and stabbing people he should not of had the knife in the first place are you that stupid that you cant see what he has done is a cowardly act and wrong or are you a piece of shit too?

Jock is a low life fuck.

He's stabbed before in Sydney and now he's finally been caught.
I hope the faggot gets raped every day in jail.

Suffer in your Jocks

Jock defended himself, after going to help others.
He was not charged with stabbing people in Australia - he got in trouble defending a mate against a gatecrasher who was pissed off at losing his girlfriend to Jocks mate. The gatecrasher should be ashamed - after being a loudmouth when Jock was first accused, he realised saying anything else would be a falsehood and incriminate himself - ever wondered why we never heard anything else about that?
I know Jock's brothers years before this happened, and they too would always stick up for a mate, and help others, even at primary school level.
Jock was a lost boy. Unfortunately he never got the chance .
Best wishes Jock.

This is so fucking incorrect you massive tool. I was there, I saw Jock run in to the house to grab a knife at the house party. Two of the 'gatecrashers' got stabbed, you think these 'gatecrashers' started stabbing each other do you? What kind of fucking retard are you?

And asshole, the reason why no one got charged was because all the evidence was hearsay, it was a matter of 1 bunch of boys opinions verse another, with no evidence, of course no one could be formally charged.

I was with my mate a week after he got stabbed 5 times by Jock, and do you know what he said that dog piece of shit did? He clenched the knife so that the blade protruded through his fingers so that he could stab people, but it looked like he was only punching people.


Thanks for the Info Nick you should get together with your mates and do what i did ring and send letters to

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Bulgaria

2 Aleksander Zhendov Str
Sofia 1040
Tele 0011 359 2 948 2999

Telling them what a scum bag coward he is and thank them for taking him off the streets

I stick up for mates too but I have never carried or used a knife only low lives use knives.
Did Jocks brothers ever stab people sticking up for mates?
Chris do you think it is acceptable to stab people are you another scum bag that carries and uses a knife because you are as weak as piss.
"Jock had to find himself" WTF does that mean.Are you telling me he is all fucked up in the head ?Does that make it O/K to carry a knife and stab people?
At least now he has time to "find himself" without killing more people.

Let that piece of shit nazi loving scumbag rot in jail.
The dirtbag got away with it in '04 and if the police did something about it, that guy in bulgaria would still be alive!!

If Jock Palfreeman was not charged with the stabbings in 2004, why are they even being brought up??? Even if he HAD been charged, they have no bearing on the case in Bulgaria. Obviously none of you have ANY legal knowledge at all, or you wouldn't be making your inane comments! Again, in 2004, Jock was only defending his own brother who was about to be attacked by a large group of gatecrashers to a party. We all know that gatecrashers are only there to cause trouble! Get real you the transcripts of the court case, look at the evidence presented, but ignored in this case. Look at the fact that the CCTV mysteriously disappeared in this case. Clearly, a miscarriage of justice has been done here. There was not enough TRUE evidence to charge Jock with murder and lock him away for 20 years! Below is Jock's statement regarding the stabbings at the party in Chatswood, Sydney in 2004. Read for yourself what REALLY happened then.....

"Early in 2008 a Sydney newspaper published claims that Jock Palfreeman had stabbed teenagers in a brawl that erupted during a party in the northern Sydney suburb of Chatswood.

The brawl took place in 2004.

Three teenagers received treatment in hospital for knife wounds. NSW Police investigated the incident at the time and no charges were laid.

The media reporting of the incident formed part of the prosecution's indictment and although the Bulgarian court ruled it inadmissible, public comments by the prosecutor about the attack were seized on by the Bulgarian media and - early on - served to shape public opinion about Palfreeman.

Reporter Belinda Hawkins asked Palfreeman about the night and the following is a transcript of that interview.

"On December 30th 2004, my brother called me and asked if I was in the neighbourhood and I said yes and he said his friend was having a party and his friends wanted to see me because I see his friends all the time.

"So I went over and I was just talking and chatting with his friends.

"Just as I was about to leave, a big group of boys - maybe 10 or 15 - came.
About five ran in the front way and then others were jumping over the fences and stuff. Then I grabbed one who knew me and I said hey what's up? I was happy to see him.

He said 'oh we're here to beat up one guy'. I said 'oh who?' And he said 'oh I think his name is Spenser'. So I went oh shit that's my brother and as I ran I pushed him and ran in the back of the garden.

They chased him. He was walking backwards and they'd pushed him into the back fence. I said listen, I am Spenser's brother and I'm not moving and they said just move aside we only a problem with your brother, not you. It seemed one of them had a grudge against him because of an ex girl friend.

"So I turned around to Spenser to tell him to jump the back wall and leave because if he left the situation it would be a lot more easier to calm down and to simmer down because with Spenser gone you know there's nothing there left for them. And Spenser said no, I'm not leaving you here.

"I had my back to the rest of the group and then all of a sudden they just attacked me from behind and just started punching me in the back of the head. One of them had a knife but I don't know who and I was pushed against the wall and then I fell to the ground and it was all just chaotic, kicking and punching and stuff.

"Then one of the guys from the group, I don't really know who he is, was stopping them from kicking me. And then I got up and I saw my brother's friend had been stabbed or slashed or whatever.

"So I got out my mobile and called the police and ambulance and then I took him inside and was trying to put pressure on his wound and whilst I was carrying him they were still trying to attack me and punch me from behind.

"And then the ambulance came. They (the gang) were all out the front shouting and stuff and then when the police came they started running away out the front gate and down the street, but the police stopped them from leaving.

"It was a mix of people aged between 17 and 21 or 22 and I was 18 at the time.

"I didn't have a knife or anything at all like a weapon.

"Maybe a week later my father called me and said the police wanted to talk to me and I said no problem and he gave me the detective's number. I've forgotten his name now but then I called him up and said I'll come in and talk to you. He said ah tomorrow and I said no that's no good for me. I think it was Wednesday. I said what about what about Friday. He said no problem. So on Friday I went in and talked to them for about I don't remember, about an hour and then I left.

"I hadn't done anything other than stand between my brother and them.

"I would never have thought that night in Chatswood to have had repercussions down the line."

Jock is a mummy and daddies boy who never does anything wrong our Jock would never do that! If they put manners on the brat instead of sticking up for him and denying the wrongs he has done he would never be in gaol now.but got some bad news for you jock Mummy and Daddy can't get you out of this one eat shit.

As Nick in the comments page said do you think the gate crashers stabbed each other Jacquie use your brain

I agree that Jock shouldn't have had a knife in the first place and it is all of these kids who feel they have to carry a knife to be 'the big man' that really piss me off.

However, I read the comments above from all of these 'heroes' who speak poorly against a guy who stood up against a group of hooligans that were victimising innocent people. I wonder how may of these 'tough guys' that have posted would have the balls to do this sort of thing? I wonder how many would deal with life in a shitty jail in a fucked-up country with a corrupt judicial system? You may make it in your mind, but this isn't x-box or playstation, this is real life kiddies and I can guarantee you, if faced with the same thing you would be shitting your little panties.

People make mistakes and this is part of growing up, which many of you people need to do. Just hope that you don't get in the same position as Jock, with dickheads like you making comments like this.

Regardless Jock, I think you would have learnt your lesson in relation to knives by now. You have my support.

Jamie tell us what you know about the hooligans who were they? tell us how innocent the victims were what do you really know? please answer these questions so we know where you stand on this.
When I stick up for my mates I dont use a knife.I fail to see how it takes balls to stab people I would have thought people use knives because of the lack of balls cowards even.Gaol is one place I dont think I will have to deal with because I would never stab someone you will find gaol is full of loosers and pretend heros like Jock and if you are put in gaol there is a few options break out,deal with it or kill your self hopefully Jock will go for the last option and do us all a favour.So the only thing being in gaol proves is you are a dick head I fail to see you point on gaol.
People make mistakes this is true but stabbing and killing another human being is more than a mistake how would you like it if someone like jock stabbed one of your family and killed them and then said it was a mistake?
Jock has stabbed people before and did not learn a lesson but now that he is in Gaol he is not there to learn a lesson he is there to be punished and to be removed from the community because of his behaviour that is socially unacceptable and should not and will not be tolerated.
Jamie think about what you have said and you should realize you and Jock are the only dick heads here.

P.S I am 6ft 8 and 130kg my panties are not so little

I hope that John will win the fight.At his age he can conquer young minds.

I am supporting his motives.He had set a very useful and helpful goal.I am proud that he have a courage to face the trial even he is still young.

Any news on this case?

I guess,the case has been solved.The date of the post was last March 8,2011.

To all of those who have posted horrible comments wishing Jock to die in that Bulgarian prison I say this: "if you wish him to die then you are committing murder in your mind and heart". Jock is a very young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and because he clearly doesn't accept the right of elitist neo-nazis to exert their bullying tactics over so called "sub classes", then he made the mistake of trying to defend the "underdogs". As for the comment about "mummy and daddy won't help you", Jock's mother died when he was a young child and his father has lost the sight in one eye as a result of the stress of Jock's ordeal. If any of the detractors knew anything about European history and culture, they would realise that racism is entrenched in that culture and so is blatant corruption. Jock Palfreeman's trail was a travesty of justice and an absolute perversion of the ideals of justice on which civilised societies are based. Don't make horrible, vicious and destructive comments about Jock Palfreeman and his case unless you have taken the time to be fully informed about all of the complex elements involved.
Ignorance is the root of all evil.