Rael denounces "colonialist behavior" of Australia’s Prime Minister

SYDNEY, Aug. 15 – After Australia’s prime minister, Tony Abbott, rejected a proposal to consult the Aboriginal People before recognizing them in the nation's constitution, spiritual leader Maitreya Rael commented that Abbott was exhibiting “very colonialist behavior".

In a statement released today by the International Raelian Movement (IRM), Maitreya Rael explained that Abbott was “recognizing on one hand that they were the first real Australians, and then denying them the right to be the first consulted.” He added, “The Aboriginal People should hold this consultation amongst themselves even if it doesn't please the colonial Australian government. Eventually, they should also ask for total independence and get all their original lands back.”

“With this new statement, as he has done on many prior occasions, Maitreya Rael has reaffirmed his support for the Aboriginal People and their quest to attain full respect for their sovereignty,” said Jarel Aymonier, spokesperson for IRM’s Australian branch. “That includes respecting their request, as expressed by their leaders, not to be bound to the Australian constitution. By choosing not to first consult the Aboriginal People, Prime Minister Abbott aims to silence their opposition to a constitution they want no part of.”

Aymonier went on to explain that all vestiges of colonialism and nationalism must be eliminated for the good of humanity:

“In accordance with messages he received from the Elohim, the scientific creators of humanity, Maitreya Rael has formulated a new system of society called paradism (see paradism.org), in which human beings are neither ruled nor governed. Under paradism there would be no laws or constitution. A council of very wise individuals would give advice but have no authority or power over the people. As in all animal societies, human beings are meant to live together in harmony under natural law and its ‘do no harm’ principle.”

Aymonier, who is also the global representative for paradism, gave more details.

“Paradism is a form of anarchy that very much resembles the form that has prevailed for thousands of years in aboriginal societies, providing them with greater equality and freedom,” he said. “It would therefore be very beneficial to Australians to consult the Aboriginal People. From them, they could learn to successfully enjoy more equality and freedom and change their system of governance, which is currently oppressing and enslaving them."

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