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     This week's show features stories from Radio Deutsche-Welle, China Radio International, NHK World Radio Japan, Radio Havana Cuba, and Sputnik Radio.
     From GERMANY- The Greek Parliament approved a second set of reforms Wednesday night. The German Economic Minister took a business delegation to Iran, eager to revive trade and mediate between Tehran and Israel. Every international station I listen to had a report on Sandra Bland, black activist said to have hung herself in a Texas jail. Pope Francis brought mayors from around the world to combat climate change and human trafficking.
     From CHINA- A new version of a solar power tower is being erected in China. It seems that China is about to modify its family planning limitations. The UN general Assembly is close to an agreement on top development priorities for the next 15 years. China has voiced firm opposition to Japan's newly released Defense White Paper. China also says that Japan is "hyping" gas development in the East China Sea.
     From JAPAN- A torch relay to abolish nuclear weapons has begun in Nagasaki. Japan is testing a system allowing citizens near nuclear power plants to check radiation in their area. French lawmakers approved a bill to reduce the country's reliance on nuclear power. Tibetan demonstrators stormed the Chinese Embassy in Australia to protest Chinese treatment of Tibetans.
      From CUBA- In September there will be a protest in DC to demand the lifting of the economic blockade of Cuba and the return of Guantanamo Bay. The UN expressed concern over the pesticide contamination of a river in Guatemala,and a judge ordered the arrest of former army officers for the 1986 killing of a US protestor in Santiago. Palestinians and supporters are protesting Israeli demolition of a village in the West Bank, and civilians continue to be killed by Saudi airstrikes in Yemen.
      From RUSSIA- Afshin Rattansi interviews US academic Norman Finkelstein on Amnesty International's report on war crimes committed during the Israeli war with Gaza last summer. He gives evidence of the biased conclusions delivered by the usually respected organization.

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