WGAR News: Aboriginal activist enters Australia without passport: Stefan Armbruster, SBS News [featuring Callum Clayton-Dixon]

Newsletter date: 23 July 2015


* News Analysis: Stefan Armbruster, SBS News: Aboriginal activist enters Australia without passport

* Bio: Stefan Armbruster - Brisbane-based correspondent, SBS World News

* Policy Statement: The Guardian (The Worker's Weekly): CPA policy statement - NO to paternalistic recognition

* About Us - CPA: An introduction to the Communist Party of Australia

* News Analysis: Susan Price & Jacob Andrewartha, Green Left Weekly: Students of Sustainability conference a success

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* Bio: Jacob Andrewartha - Green Left Weekly
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- News Analysis

SBS News: Aboriginal activist enters Australia without passport
22 Jul 15: "An Aboriginal activist has legally entered Australia at Brisbane international airport despite refusing to use an Australian passport. ... Carrying a self-styled Aboriginal passport, Nganyaywana man Callum Clayton-Dixon has also recently entered and departed the Solomon Islands. Mr Clayton-Dixon, chair of the Aboriginal Provision Government (APG), told SBS that he arrived in Brisbane from Honiara on June 30. ... "I just kept on insisting I’m an Aboriginal person returning to my country on my Aboriginal passport, and this is the travel document I’m choosing to use." ... " By Stefan Armbruster

- Bio

Stefan Armbruster - Brisbane-based correspondent, SBS World News
" ... He was born in Germany, grew up in Australia, and worked for a decade in London for the BBC and other broadcasters. Since joining SBS in 2007, he has won a number of radio and television media awards for his coverage of Aboriginal, Torres Strait islander and multicultural issues."

- Policy Statement

The Guardian (The Worker's Weekly):
CPA policy statement - NO to paternalistic recognition
22 Jul 15: "Starting in 2007 with former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard, the Australian government has been pushing for constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Both Labor and Liberal Parties support recognition.
In May 2015 community support, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, for a YES vote in a referendum on recognition had reached 72 percent, even though the exact proposals to go to a referendum have not yet been decided.
While the Communist Party respects the support for Indigenous rights that lies behind these community views, we ask why we should trust a recommendation from the government of a capitalist state interested not in morality, democracy and human rights but in controlling land and resources for profit making. ...
Vote NO: Many years ago Charles Perkins called for a treaty written into the Constitution which covered issues of the prior ownership of land, sovereignty, compensation for land lost, and recognition of the customs, laws, languages and sacred sites.
The current proposals go nowhere near this. If the words used in the proposals were to assist in achieving these rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Communist Party would advocate a Yes vote. Until they do, the Communist Party will campaign for a NO vote in the referendum.
However, a NO vote is not enough. Most Aboriginal spokespeople are saying that recognition that is simply symbolic is not acceptable. The CPA will also campaign for Indigenous land rights and sovereignty to be recognised. ...
The way forward: The focus must be on national land rights legislation, ending the NT intervention, protecting isolated communities, Aboriginal self-determination and Aboriginal representation in Parliament. ... "

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About Us - CPA: An introduction to the Communist Party of Australia
Why we exist; the ideas we believe in
"The Communist Party of Australia believes there is a way to overcome Australia's economic and social problems. To do this it is necessary to change the direction of politics in Australia and, eventually, to replace the capitalist system with a socialist one. The Communist Party is a party of activists who work in trade unions, peace and environmental groups, solidarity organisations and a variety of other community movements as well as running campaigns in the name of the Communist Party. The members of the CPA work to eliminate unemployment, poverty, injustice, homelessness, racism and war. ... "

Students of Sustainability conference - Adelaide:

- News Analysis

Green Left Weekly: Students of Sustainability conference a success
18 Jul 15: "... Held on Kaurna land at Flinders University, from July 8 to 12, ... One of the strengths of the conference was that it included a number of presentations in plenaries and workshops by Aboriginal activists from around Australia and from West Papua, including Aunty Sue Coleman-Haseldine (Kokatha-Mula woman from Ceduna), Bogaine Spearim (Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance), Marianne Mackay (Nyoongar Tent Embassy) and Ronnie Kareni (West Papuan independence advocate). The opening plenary featured local Aboriginal custodians including Uncle Bunna Lawrie ... Uncle Kevin Buzzacott ... and Karina Lester ... Informative sessions were held about the responses to attacks on Aboriginal communities and land rights, ... " By Susan Price & Jacob Andrewartha

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Susan Price - Green Left Weekly

Jacob Andrewartha - Green Left Weekly

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WGAR Background to the Aboriginal Sovereignty Movement
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