WGAR News: Local communities beating back suicide: Neda Vanovac, Yahoo7 News [featuring Youth worker Noeletta McKenzie of Maningrida]

Newsletter date: 17 July 2015; last updated 11:55 am AEST 17 July 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: Neda Vanovac, Yahoo7 News: Local communities beating back suicide [featuring Youth worker Noeletta McKenzie of Maningrida, Gerry Georgatos, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks & Tanja Hirvonen]

* Analysis / Opinion: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: All lives matter - suicides the leading cause of violent deaths

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WGAR Background to Suicide and Self-harm in First Nations Communities
WGAR Background: Intervention into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities by the Federal government

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- Analysis / Opinion

Yahoo7 News: Local communities beating back suicide
17 Jul 15: " ... This week, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) held a round-table talk in Darwin with more than 40 NT service providers to hear about successful grassroots programs that were slowing suicide rates. [Youth worker Noeletta] McKenzie, who manages the GREATS Youth Centre (GYS) at Maningrida, says about 75 young people come through the doors each night. The largest community in Arnhem Land, Maningrida is home to about 3500 people, half of them under 25. "Suicide comes in waves; we haven't had a youth suicide in nearly four years," she told AAP. ... " Neda Vanovac

- Analysis / Opinion

The Stringer: All lives matter - suicides the leading cause of violent deaths
21 May 15: "There should be just as much focus on suicide prevention as there is with trying to prevent homicides and domestic violence. All lives matter. There is no greater legacy that any Government can have than in the saving of lives. During the last ten years Australian homicide rates have been decreasing though tragically the number of women murdered by a current or former partner has been increasing. Domestic violence takes a life every eight days and many are calling it a national crisis. Every death is a tragedy. Suicide takes seven lives each day. ... " By Gerry Georgatos, a researcher in suicide prevention and in racism, a life-long human rights and social justice campaigner, a multi-award winning investigative journalist

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Gerry Georgatos - The Stringer
"His predominant work is in suicide prevention research and in unveiling racism and in articulating the ways forward. ... Some of his stories on homelessness in First Nations communities have led to many people housed and to restorative cultural projects.  ... He is an expert in his fields, particularly in the understanding of racism and in suicide prevention - and involves himself at the coalface in addition to interfacing with Governments. ... "

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- Background:

WGAR Background to Suicide and Self-harm in First Nations Communities
(last updated: 16 July 2015)

WGAR Background: Intervention into Northern Territory (NT) Aboriginal communities by the Federal government
(last updated: 11 July 2015)

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