Sovereign Union Media Release: Callout: Urgent - 10am Monday 6 July 2015 Protest March over Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia

Asserting Australia's First Nations Sovereignty into Governance






from 8.30am MONDAY 6 July

for 10am MARCH over SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE to North Shore,


Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, co-founder of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic said today from Sydney:

I am aware that this is short notice, but important none the less. We need to show how corrupt and evil this Commonwealth government is. In a so-called democratic state such as Australia one would not expect the veil of secrecy now being applied to a so-called public call for a referendum for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have always been free and independent sovereign states with proprietary rights and interests over all natural resources in this country. We have been cheated and continue to be cheated out of our true rights. The colonial governments have never at any time gained our patrimony through our free prior and informed consent for us to be governed by the occupying colonial power, but simply tried to mould us and create an environment where we disappear into the quagmire of Australian multiculturalism.

Now our numbers and knowledge have increased and we have become visible all over this continent. You can no longer miss us, whatever our colour. Through eugenics they may have lightened our skin colour, but have never taken away our Aboriginality, our pride in our ancient culture and dignity in ourselves.

This Commonwealth government cannot get away with governing Aboriginal Nations and Peoples by stealth with the faceless so-called 'leaders' of Aboriginal people. Our culture, our society and our Law does not permit the western style mafia-type leadership. Under our Law we punish these sorts of people with a spear through the leg. This is why we have faceless 'leaders' who hide behind white authority.

The protest being called for Monday 6 July is vital to show that Aboriginal Sovereign Nations and Peoples are fighting back and will no longer be dictated to. This is our future and cannot be decided by the white majority with a multicultural mix. It has been said in the past that we have been too passive in our resistance, so let us reassure Australia and the rest of the world that we have never accepted their assimilation. We can remain for the moment under the generic term 'Aboriginal', but Australia will learn that we are many Nations and Peoples, we are not a single homogenous pan-Australian community as is being promote by the government at present.

We have one common objective – this Country is ours, always was and always will be. It is time to pay up and we are coming to collect. We will not be wiped out by a deceitful 'Recognise' referendum. We are now rebuilding our pre-existing nationhood. They know it and they fear it. This is what they don't tell the public.



Michael Anderson

Convenor of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia

and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic

Mogila Station, Goodooga NSW 2838, 0427 292 492

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WGAR News: "If Tony Abbott badly wants it, it won't be in the interests of First Nations people and will be in the interests of international mining giants".

Newsletter date: 6 July 2015, 5:30pm AEST

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