Giving Cash To The Extreme Poor


An international aid group is giving cash directly to the extreme poor via cheap mobile phones...

The world is an extremely unfair place with inequality at horrendous levels.

Almost one third of humanity is deprived of the most basic needs.

2.2 billion people currently live on less than $2 a day.

And of those, 1 billion live in extreme poverty, trying to survive on just $1.25 per day.

Hundreds of millions are forced to exist without access to a reliable clean water source or proper sanitation.

Many international aid agencies and NGO’s do great work but their assistance is often conditional and decisions about how aid resources are used are often made without references to the intended recipients.

Governments also direct some aid but it’s regularly “tied aid” with many conditions attached.

But what if we just gave money DIRECTLY to those in poverty, and trusted that they would use the funds wisely and most in accordance with their needs and best interests?

A relatively new charity is doing just that and is being closely monitored to assess the scheme.

Give Directly makes unconditional cash transfers to people in extreme poverty via cheap mobile phones.

They are operating in Kenya and Uganda and have been recommended as a “top charity” by the evaluation body Give Well.

Give Directly gives $1000 US in cash to appropriate recipients to use as they wish. This amount is often well over a whole year's income.

While some people view this idea as a radical experiment, others see it as a more honest, effective and less paternalistic way to alleviate poverty.

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