Pro-Aboriginal journalist sought for urgent Nyoongar crisis

Aboriginal activist, Professor Rosemary van den Berg in Perth, is asking for help to find "a good reporter who is pro-Aboriginal and would help us Nyoongar people here in Western Australia fight against an injustice being done to us. The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council are making a deal to sell our Nyoongar land and have allowed us to either vote yes or no. The trouble is their voting system is not democratic and Nyoongar people are being railroaded into losing our votes because SWALSC and the WA govt want to win this election at all cost."

"I have written letters to some politicians and the WA newspaper to bring their attention to this travesty of justice against us Nyoongar people, who will lose our land and our identities, but so far they have all passed the buck and I seem to be butting my head against a brick wall. There is a silence about this business that is deafening. It definitely is not a democracy at work, for which Australians pride themselves. 
"Do you may know some reporter in Australia who is not afraid of treading on toes to get a fair go for us Nyoongar people who will lose everything if this sordid business goes ahead in a voting system that stinks."

Prof. van den Berg can be contacted at