Transgender Medical Rights / European Parliament LGBTIQ human rights committee

Monday 9 February 2015

International Court of Justice

cc Parliament of Europe
cc Parliament of Victoria (open letter)

Re: Transgender Medical Rights / European Parliament LGBTIQ human rights committee

To: The International Court of Justice, European Parliament,


Enquiry and request for formal proceedings to establish international recognition and human rights of transgender persons, including the right to access medical services based on informed consent. Enquiry and proceedings, to sanction and action formally, the State of Victoria, Australia, for neglecting and harming per transgender persons/human rights.

Where such guidelines and legislation does not exist to process this matter at this time, to initiate formally, to create such a structure and proceed.

Establishment/request for European Parliamentary LGBTIQ committee to formalise human rights.


Transgender persons do NOT have medical rights in the State of Victoria, Australia.

The Victorian Government has a track record of neglect when it comes to transgender persons.

Vested medical interests have filled the void, and are causing harming.

Rather than a journey of medical access based on informed consent, with optional structured supports, there exists:

* vested medical interests with their own ATO (Australian Tax Office) registered transgender charity, per:

* demands on transgender persons to answer sex-perv questions or leave, such sex-perv questions as "what age did you lose your virginity", per:

* costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars, over many months just to be considered for medical support,

* no medical or legal basis for this harming of transgender persons,

* related legislative protections ignored, not enforced.

Transgender persons are being harmed and the Victorian Parliament has been knowingly complicit in this harm since at least Friday 29 August 2014 when it was formally advised.


International legislation to uphold transgender human rights is needed to stop the ongoing medical harm.

Legislation that includes:

1. being transgender is NOT a psychiatric/mental health issue
2. being transgender is NOT a sexual condition
3. being transgender is NOTHING to do with sexual orientation
4. being transgender IS A PHYSICAL problem (Hormone Replacement Therapy is ESSENTIAL)

For more details:

Yours sincerely,

Ms Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf