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MARCH AUSTRALIA CABOOLTURE announces its next rally on 25th January 2015 @ 11am

In March 2014, over 100,000 people around the country marched and rallied to
show their disapproval of government policies. Since then we have seen more
attacks on the country's well-being and continuing misinformation about the
budget situation.
March Australia Caboolture and Rally for the Reef will be holding a family
friendly event at The Esplanade, Mooloolaba.  Rally for the Reef's events are
being held worldwide and people are being encouraged to dress up as their
favorite reef character.<!--break-->
We are a local grassroots organisation affiliated with the March Australia
March Australia Caboolture, like similar groups all around the country, is
determined to give people a voice. We have seen Federal and State policies
which are attacking the most vulnerable, while giving a free ride to the
corporations and the wealthy in our society.

We want to give people an opportunity to make their voices heard on a raft of
issues such as: trashing the Great Barrier Reef, CSG,  unemployment, health
care, education, the environment, animal welfare, social equity, uranium
mining, university fees, gay rights, corporation control, mining royalties,
public transport, leasing state assets, VLAD laws, restoring an Upper House
in Qld. There is hardly an aspect of our lives that has not been attacked by
this government.

We are inviting all interested people to support this rally and to send an
unmistakable message to Newman, Abbott and the LNP: the people of Australia
do not want to see the country going in this direction. We want a proper
democracy which encourages people and does not punish those who through no
fault of their own are struggling. We want an open, honest and inclusive
government that listens to the people and not to lobbyists and big business.
We want a safe environment to live in. We want to keep our reef.

Co-organiser Adam Cole says: “We are passionate about sending a message to
the government and all future governments.”

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Our Team will participate in the next rally on 25th January 2015 @ 11am.