Who Supports Israel's Draconian Demolition Policy


The government of Israel has decided to restart a policy they haven't used for ten years.

The policy is bizarre and immoral but the Pro Israel lobby in Australia is silent. Why?

They send bulldozers in to demolish the homes owned by family members of terrorists. 


Over and over Israel says, why criticise us so much, we are a modern democratic state surrounded by dictatorships and corrupt monarchies.

But do modern democracies punish people simply because they are related to criminals?

And do they do so in such a strange way - demolishing their homes?

I wonder how many of the prominent Jewish leaders in Australia support this policy?

What about Mark Leibler or Jeremy Jones or Colin Rubenstein. Do they support home demolitions?

What about the ALP's Michael Danby?

Do the people who claim Israel is a democracy support bulldozers against people who have never been convicted by a court of law?