Something exciting has just happened in the last couple of hours.

Something exciting has just happened in the last couple of hours.

After a huge response from all sections of the community, the Government has backtracked on changes to section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act, dropping their changes that would water down protections against racial vilification.

So many of you have been involved in voicing your opposition to these changes and today you’ve won. Whether you simply shared a Facebook graphic, made a submission to the enquiry or attended a rally against these changes — thank you.

What this proves is that though it’s heartbreaking to see the cruel and unfair policies of the Abbott Government, by speaking up and joining together, we can win. And over the coming years we must not forget it.

I, Bill Shorten and Labor couldn’t be happier to let you know the good news that Australia will continue to have strong protections against racism. If you’re as happy as I am then please share this graphic on Facebook and if not that, tell your friends and family about this great news.


Thank you again to everyone who helped make this happen. Together we’ve stood up and we’ve made a difference.

Mark Dreyfus
Shadow Attorney-General



a great example of the success of solidarity and public pressure.

it is more than possible. always remember that.


"ray jackson"