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This week's show features stories from NHK World Radio Japan, Spanish National Radio, the Voice of Russia, Radio Havana Cuba, and Radio Deutsche-Welle.
From JAPAN- Japanese whalers may begin so-called research whaling next week in the northwest Pacific. 2 former Japanese Prime Ministers are advocating the end of nuclear power in Japan. There is yet another setback at Fukushima in attempts to decontaminate water. An NHK opinion poll found that less than a third of Japanese want the Trans-Pacific-Partnership free trade agreement. The Washington Post and the Guardian won a Pulitzer Prize for covering Edward Snowden's NSA spy leaks.
From SPAIN- Wednesday night is the story deadline for this show and much might be ado in Ukraine. We'll begin coverage of this volatile situation with an overview piece from Spain.
From RUSSIA- Here is an interview on the Ukrainian situation from midday Wednesday, when Ukrainian forces were not being very successful at running separatists out of government buildings in the East.
From CUBA- The US is backing the Ukrainian government's military operations in the East, and Russia denied involvement in the protests. The US is keeping warships in the Black Sea as part of a NATO military expansion. The Venezuelan government and the right-wing opposition have completed 2 rounds of talks on defusing the recent violent protests. There has been a significant increase in the killing of environmentalists defending land rights. Afghan officials reported that at least 3 civilians were killed by a US led airstrike.
From GERMANY- The Pakistani Taliban will not renew a ceasefire, and a court in Egypt jailed 120 supporters of former President Morsi. Warplanes from Jordan attacked Syrian rebels trying to cross the border, and NATO told of plans to expand eastward. The EU has new authority to restructure failing banks, and Silvio Berlusoni must do community service for his tax fraud. A UN report on tackling climate change says that there must be a massive shift to renewable energy sources.

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