Letter From a Refugee in Detention on Nauru

I received this letter via Facebook from a woman in detention on Nauru:

Hi Australia,

Me and my husband arrived to Christmas island in Sep 2013, After two weeks staying in AQUA detention in christmas island they transfer us to Naru.

Most of officers in Naru were military in Afghanestan and Iraq and they are so aggressive and treat us like their enemy and most of them havn’t stable mentally situation.

Here is so hot and we imagine most of times , it’s above 45 degree and we are staying in plastic tends and tends floors are coverd by wood and lots of harmful insects are inside them.

Due to shape of floors , our tends are full of water when it rains and every where get totally wet. Our only cooller equipment in this hot weather is a fan which is not enough at all. Alot of children , pregnant woman, aged and sick people stay in same above condition.

Public toilets aren’t enough and they are very dirty and most of times we don’t have hand wash liquid. We can have a razer or gillette one in a week or one in two weeks. Taste of food is discusting and we eat them to stay alive and i lost 8 kilos.

The only entertainment is a gym in a tend which is opened recently without any air-condition which is totally useless in this high hit. We have to take shower within three minutes per day which is not enough to wash our hairs and it is so stressful for adults and children.

We have access to internet one hour per week and internet station is 25 min far by bus. We can use phone only 10 minutes in a week.

Most of children in detention effected by a virus named school sore in whole of their body.

All husband and wives should stay with singles and children in same tend. We are suffering alot in here. They are persecuting us to force us return to our country , but our life is in danger in our homeland, but in Naru , Australian government killing us slowly.

Children don’t have access to school and proper education from nine months ago.

Single smoker females sell their body in worth of a cigarette because there isn’t any cigarette in shop for them.

There isn’t any proper medicare in here and we have to stay in a longe line for one hour to get our essential medication. There is only one fired and burnt hospital in Naro which is very harror and dirty and in case of emergency they took us there.

We don’t know what is going to happen to us . our future is dark . we are breaking in detention and our children’s mental health is in danger.Nobody care about us not red cross, not human rights commission .

When we decided to come to Australia as asylum seeker we thought Australia signed refugee convention and could be safe place for us and will protect us , if we knew we will be stuck and depressed in detention we never choose Australia.

Please help us our hands are close and cann’t return home. Every hour in here is persecuting.

(I don't know if she wants me to give her name, so I am leaving it blank)