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This week's show features stories from NHK World Radio Japan, the Voice of Russia, Radio Havana Cuba, and Spanish National Radio.
From JAPAN- More than 215,000 people are still living away from their homes 2 1/2 years after the Fukushima disaster, and less than 2% of the replacement housing has been completed. This week saw yet another spike in radiation levels near Fukushima. Fishermen in NE Japan wanted South Korea to lift the ban on their marine products. Japanese have developed a new ocean thermal energy system that generates power undersea. Russia presented a plan for Syrian chemical weapons as an alternative to Obama's proposed bombing raids.
From RUSSIA- An interview with John Nichols of The Nation, about his article called "Nobody Wants This- Except for the Military Industrial Complex." Facebook, Yahoo, and Gmail have been aiding the NSA in capturing private information about US citizens, along with the global spy satellite service called Echelon.
From CUBA- Venezuelan President Maduro hosted a multinational series of events against fascism, in honor of the late Chilean President Salvador Allende. There were antiwar protests around the world following US President Obama's announced plans to unilaterally punish Syria, for the alleged use of chemical weapons, by bombing the region.
From SPAIN- Pope Francis has strongly opposed any military intervention in Syria, and publicly questioned whether the proposed US war was a trade war, aimed at profiting from selling weapons. Then a series of Spanish press reports on the situation with Syria. The Catalonian region of Spain is celebrating an annual holiday while making a 400 km human chain across the region, calling for a referendum to become an independent nation.

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