ALP fails the poor again

A report released today by Anglicare Australia has found it is becoming almost impossible for people on welfare to afford to rent a home.

The welfare group surveyed more than 56,000 rental properties across the country and found less than 1 per cent of those properties were affordable for people on government benefits such as Newstart, parenting payments, the aged pension or disability support pensions.

As many people know rents are now out of control in the capital cities. Large numbers of people are forced to spend more half their total income on rent.

Labor has been in power for six years. Have they done anything to reduce poverty in this country?

Official figures now suggest that well over two million Australians are living below the official poverty line

Meanwhile, Australia-wide, 173,000 people are on waiting lists for public housing. 


More info: 2,265,000 people (12.8%) were living below the poverty line