Brisbane & Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary - 5 events from 14 November 2012

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Event: Wed 14 November 2012: State Library, Brisbane, Qld
Yarnin' Time with Bob Weatherall
Bob Weatherall, a Gumulray Elder, has worked for
many years at the Foundation for Aboriginal and
Islander Research Action. He is currently the chair of the
Centre for Indigenous Cultural Policy in Brisbane
and is a high profile Aboriginal activist who had a
lead role in establishing the Tent City in
Musgrave Park in 1982 when Brisbane hosted
the Commonwealth Games.
Come along to listen to some local history."
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Commonwealth Games Demonstrations- Brisbane 1982:

Event: Sun 25 to Mon 26 November 2012:
Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, Qld
Brisbane Sovereignty/Land Rights Conference
Rally Outside Native Title & Cultural Heritage Conference
"From 26 to 27 November, Native Title bureaucrats
will be sitting down with mining companies and
Government, at a $1000 a seat conference in the
posh Stamford Plaza Hotel, to discuss ways around
the already weak Native Title legislation.
This is not Land Rights, this is not justice for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
This does not address the illegal dispossession of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and
the ongoing violent occupation of our land.
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Event: 5-7 December 2012: Gold Coast, Qld
2012 National Indigenous Health Conference
Many Pathways, One Outcome
" ... is designed to bring together both government
and non-government agencies who are working
in the field of Indigenous health with the belief
that working together can close the gap between
the state of Indigenous Health as compared to
the health of mainstream Australians."
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Event: 10 December 2012: various locations internationally
UN International Human Rights Day

Event: 30 Sep 2012 - 19 April 2013: Qld
State of Emergency Exhibition
"During the Commonwealth Games in 1982,
Brisbane came alive with political demonstrations for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander civil liberties
and land rights. This incredible exhibition allows you to
relive and reflect on this politically significant time
through original footage and photographs, and
personal stories from the advocates of this
revolutionary movement."
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Commonwealth Games Demonstrations- Brisbane 1982:

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