Melbourne UK consulate rally and occupation (17th August 2012)

On Friday 17th August, in response to the UK Government threats against the Ecuadorean Embassy and there refusal to allow Assange safe passage to Ecuador where he has been given political asylum, a protest was held at the UK Consulate in Melbourne. Three protestors entered the consulate and tried to talk to staff about the treatment of Assange. Staff hid from the protestors and Federal Police and local police entered the Consulate. One protestor was arrested when he tried to bring water to those inside the Consulate. The video's below give a good account of what happened on the day.

Mainstream Press Coverage of issue and protest

On Saturday 18th of August, Melbourne Fairfax Newspaper revealled that they had obtained through Freedom of Information legislation diplomatic cables that show that the Australian Government is well aware that the U.S. is preparing to prosecute Assange over his Wikileaks activities

U.S. in pursuit of Assange

The Age also wrote a strong editorial linking the pursuit of Assange to the lawlessness and breakdown in democratic norms practiced by the U.S. since the beginnings of the War on Terror Assange exploits decade of U.S. folly

Coverage of demo in The Age

Channel 10 News Coverage

Alternative Coverage of issue and protest

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Australian Government lines up behind British threats to Assange
Imperialist lawlessness and the witch hunt against Assange