Has the world misused fossil fuels

Since mankind discovered fossil fuels he has done his best to use up as much fossil fuels as he possibly could, with total disregard for future generations & in regards to crude oil reserves which is usually converted to petrol or diesel fuel, well their is only 40 years left of supply, the media is broadcasting shows like farmer wants a wife to encourage people to learn to live off the land, hopefully respecting the schools of permaculture as petrol & diesel resources will soon run out.

What is clear is that oil is getting harder to find and extract, and this is reflected in rising prices. A barrel that cost $10 in 1998 and $64 in 2007 today costs $135. Economists are predicting that the $200 ceiling will be broached before the end of the year.

Yes the world has misused fossil fuels terribly. Fossil fuels are supposed to be used in landscaping & excavating, creating permaculture habitats & some experimentation into monoculture areas, for humanity to exist. Cars should be illegal, people instead should learn how to use a chainsaw, tractor, bobcat or excavator, motorbike or scooter & trucks should not be used too much. If their are to be built up urban areas or cities then these people should work in industry, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering so that chainsaws, tractors, bobcats or excavators, motorbikes or scooters & some trucks are maintained. We should really use fossil fuels for landscaping permaculture habitats


Especially if we are going to invest in biofuels, but better mechanics is required for robotic machines to cultivate biofuels. It could well be possible if we don't address the oil crisis properly we will all be forced to go back to horse & cart.