Australian engineering a lost cause

In the 1970's most cars were built in Australia, we also used to build alot of other machinery here as well, however the now high Australian dollar makes it hard for Australia to compete in engineering with other countries, especially when other countries have a much higher population than Australia & a lower dollar value than Australia, thus these days alot of machinery is imported into Australia from overseas ports. Australia has a big mining industry, but this mining industry as well as global mining as a whole needs to be kept under control & limited in many instances, otherwise we will have over production of machines. We all have heard of the carbon tax & unsold cars piling up all round the world, the problem is mass production is out of control & when you scrap a machine that is old for something new, well this plays havoc with our enviroment, we got to learn to service & maintain machines as opposed to scrapping them for a newer version number.

In regards to vehicle maintenance we have to do simple things first like replacing tyres, refilling & replacing oil, topping up & replacing radiator fluid & replacing batteries & eventually we should all replace our alternators, perhaps in the future their will be self service mechanical bays where you can do all of this work yourself, perhaps with the assistance of some kind of robot or machine as well. Also tools like chainsaws need their blades sharpened & other types of machines like tractors, trucks & forklifts, robots & other types of machines need to be maintained by servicing & proper storage indoors. Better future machine designs eventuate from reporting bugs or problems with the machine to the retail outlet which distributes the machine. Alot of people take their machines for granted & think they can throw them away for a newer version, but this plays havoc with our enviroment, the reality is alot of people work in the design of machines & manufacturing of the machines & transportation logistics of the machines as well, not just people from overseas. Get to know your machines, regard a machine as being a extension of your body & know how they work.

Alot can be done to improve & evolve public transport in Australia & a technological advanced society relies on a advanced type of public transport system.