4 July - Independence from the USA Day. No more Australian blood for US wars!

Peace Bus Media Release: July 4th 2012 A professional SAS killer of too many seasons gets killed in Afghanistan and PM Gillard goes on Tv dressed in widow weeds to claim the nation is mourning for his death.

"More Gillard lies!" is the response of Graeme Dunstan, organiser of the Independence from the USA Day Speak Out at the gates of Robertson Barracks, home of 1st Brigade and also (temporarily) Fox company of the US Marine Corps.

TODAY 12.30 - 2 pm Robertson Barracks
Thorngate Road, Holtze, Darwin

"It would be closer to the truth to say that the nation is appalled and angry by the ongoing waste of life and treasure being spent on this disastrous war into which we have been driven by the US/Australia military alliance," says Mr Dunstan.

Mr Dunstan, who is an active member of Stand Fast, the national association of veterans and ex service people against the wars, will have a lot more to say about the war, government lies and the toxic nature of the US/Australia alliance at the Speak Out.

An open mike affair, he is inviting others to come and have their say, particularly service people and ex service people.

Mr Dunstan is in Darwin to make visible and vocal community dissent to the establishment of a Marine Base. Over $3000 was raised in a web based appeal to support his Mission to Darwin.

He regrets that his announced intention to attend the Darwin Press Club address by US Marine commander Lt Colonel Matt Puglisi last night caused the cancellation of the event.

"I was eager to hear what the Colonel was going to say and to observe how bold or how craven the local media folk would become in his presence,"

Further information
Graeme Dunstan, Peacebus.com


I too am with anguish, deeply saddened by what happened to two dogs and the Australian soldier now, too many so far, in a war my father, a sericeman and now a vet. tells me is one of several that shouldn't be, let alone take lives from our people.
The talk of Australia having a 'Defence Force' not an 'Attack Force' was how I understood it, yet USA has opened my eyes as to how it should really be for Australian military personnel, it shouldn't be death sentences.
If I weren't known to several ranked service personnel I would leave my name here, however, I am.
I can say, I'm totally anguished the Australian government is saying they mourn, yet with that, continuing to allow what they say they are mourning for.
One life lost was enough, now they've been too many.
I'm with Dunstan all the way.
In hope there will there be a stop to our national involvement in these wars we are involved in.
Lives are what we are here to raise and look after not destroy in desperate, reactionary wars.
Thanks and sincere condolences to the families and friends of all who have lost loved ones in wars overseas in this new century.
How many have to sacrifice so much for any reason.
Life matters, every single one.
There's also the p.t.s.d. that I know a lot about that these soldiers will return with, and what a tragic anguish for their families and friends here also to see their own now changed in ways many cannot understand and what shouldn't be. Military personnel have spoken up about this and the medical side has not even been acknowledged by our PM even though the medical angles have gone to air.
Shame and sadness. Bring our troops home. It's 2012.
In hope