Finance ? It's insanity! mp3

Absurdities of the Global Finance System and 'Wakkanomics'

Uneconomic Growth Herman Daly [ Right Livelyhood Awards 1996 ], Jamie Dimon was dead wrong, Steve Keen Economic Progress one Funeral at a Time,, The
Bailout Rap Update, Interview Paul Moore Killing the Messenger, ThreeLittlePigs
Guardian, INET Financial Instabilty Mini Documentary, 'Ben Bernanke Please Send Me
Some Green' The Vocal Chords Seattle Washington, Grover Norquist: 'I engaged in a
Weekend Drugfuelled Affair with Taxes' Onion News Network, 'Colin Barnet Premier of
Western Australia Nobody is poor' Clarke Dawe, 'I need a Bailout' Pat Quinn, 'Please
Mr President' Red David

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