Source spills beans on government (PMO) scandals

Gerry Georgatos
The National Indigenous Times was informed some weeks back of the scandal surrounding the Speaker of Parliament, Peter Slipper, the member for Fisher and former barrister and businessperson.

A source close to the Office of the Prime Minister said that the scandal "was in the works, would soon surface, and just like the Lobby restaurant incident that went on for a little while having pearshaped on the government, the Prime Minister and crew are in overdrive behind the scenes to shore up the government against looming threats from this latest scandal-in-waiting."

The source confirmed a distressed and exasperated Prime Minister and members of Cabinet following one scandal after another which implicate the integrity of the government in general and individually of many parliamentarians.

"There are many implications with the Peter Slipper scandal, everyone believes he is guilty as sin, just as they do about (member for Dobell) Craig Thomson, however they are working to see out the 18 months to the next election and incredibly they believe they may be returned to government if they can do the 18 months. They want to publicly disassociate from the integrity of individuals like Thomson and Slipper with the push on for the separation of powers line, however behind the scenes do everything they can, including convincing others, to keep these two in government."

"The PMO survived you lot from The National Indigenous Times with the Lobby restaurant debacle, so maybe they think they can survive anything. You lot are the untold story, everyone has focused on Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper, and indeed Slipper may finally be their early demise, however the general public will never know the panic and anxiety of the Prime Minister and the PMO over the Lobby restaurant incident, it going national and international, and your persistence to expose them."

"They feared you lot, and that is why they were responding to you almost immediately with your questions. They were running around worrying what will The National Indigenous Times write today, what do they know, who are the sources... Because it is an Indigenous paper, the biggest one in the country, and because you couldn't be pulled into line or into their trust like a (Unions ACT chief) Kim Sattler, they thought it would all go wild and undo them," the source said.

"They feared you Gerry and The National Indigenous Times, and that's why the Prime Minister would never give you an interview on anything. You gave her a hard time, and justly so, over the Indonesian children in adult prisons and exposed her and secured changes, so you and your paper are not the type of mob the PM and the PMO want to be interviewed by."

"The National Indigenous Times was right on the mark with everything about the PMO and the Prime Minister with the Lobby restaurant incident, however only Alan Jones, the 2GB mob, and just slightly The Australian followed up your work for a couple of days, but if they'd gone the distance as you did then the PMO would have been publicly exposed," said the source.

"The PMO reads (the National Indigenous Times) every week."

"The Peter Slipper scandal, with Craig Thomson in the background, may just do them in this time, they are in the same type overdrive as they were with you lot and the Lobby restaurant mess, let us wait and see, the next several days should tell."



The scary bit is that this totally corrupt part of the PMO is only the tip of the iceberg that is visible. How much disgusting filth and debauchery must float just beneath the surface? When one ponders teh Robert Kernohan stat dec, the way it was circumvented and most especially that the PMO didn't attempt to prosecute Kernohan over it can't help but make a person suspect that everything Kernohan claims in that stat dec is gospel. How dirty is the Red Queen really?

Good work, always on the mark my fella, old man Col