Mining Magnates' Musical mp3

Miners are the new Kings - a "musical, satirical journey" - Could offend rich idiots !

Intro media mix, Help us Gina help us, Our Future by Gina Rinehart, Humanitarian News Mining Billionaire Clive Palmer, It's going to ruin us, Harry Diculus Australian Mines move to Zimbabwe, Oz Mining Magnate Panel, Message to Mr. Twiggy, Palmer buying the ABC Clarke Dawe, It's a Sellout, Nick and Nib as Robbie Williams Parody Uranium, Uranium Fever Elton Britt, Footprints Walk Away From Uranium Mining Australia, Fair Go For Billionaires Extro mix

Oz Mining Magnate Panel: Bob, Graham, Heather, Martin

Lee Dorsey Working in the Coal Mine, Freakz Of The Nature Beneath the Surface - Where's the Solution, John Williams The Mission, Lalo Schifrin Eye Witness News, Yarhkob Transmissions [ electronica]

38:00 min 128 kbps stereo 36 MB