Capitalists at war with greens, labor.

The Government is facing an unprecedented level of litigation from miners and big business in response to the Mining Resources Rent Tax and the Carbon Tax. Meanwhile Clive Palmer is agitating that the CIA is in cahoots with the Australian Greens to stifle coal mining in Queensland. For example see here and here.  This is indicative of th elengths that capitalism and private interests will go to in order to circumvent the parliamentary processes of this land and the democratic principles enshrined in those parliamentary processes.

It is also proof that labor is doing its job in taking on big business interests in the interests of the greater good.  it seems bizarre that the States think they are entitled to whatever they find in the ground within their state boundary.  First and foremost our indigenous brothers and sisters have a claim upon the land that is recognised in law.  Secondly all citizens of Australia have an interest in what goes on within our country.  We are a Federation but we are also a Nation.

Capitalism will go to any lengths to protect its interests.  if it can hold up democracy in the courts over technicalities it will.  If it can avoid taxes, through lawyers and accountants and by other means (murder, cement boots, you name it, it has all been done before) they will.  Business believes it has a righ tto rule, despite our constition and our democracy.  Capitalists live in a fictional world where only they can determine the good.

These issues confirm that we need to defend Labor from the negative fear campaign that is being waged against it by the Liberals and big business.  Labor is not perfect, but only it can stand up to the business sector.  Under Howard's liberalism company taxes were cut, tax on the rich was cut, wages were eroded, work choices was enacted, and the real value of the pension declined by 20%.  Labor will tax the rich, and tax big business.  Labour has torn up work choices and increased the pension.

Say no to the big end of town and their bizarre agenda.  Clive Palmer is part of the loony fringe, a self interested aristocrat who believes he is entitled to do what he wishes without the constraints that the law imposes on him.


Congratulations Noel you have admitted you were wrong by spelling Labor correctly

Really? That's the sum of your contribution? really?

Noel you did remain stubborn by spelling Labor Labour for a long time and even argued the point for a long time, so I see this as a major break through on educating you.Well done Noel that wasn't so hard to admit you were wrong was it?

Noel what you write does not deserve a comment greed is nothing new.If you want me to comment all I can say is "NO SHIT SHERLOCK"and with the Labor parties push on a fraud to collect a Carbon dioxide Tax are they any better than the greedy Big end of Town trying to line their pockets?

I actually admit to spelling Labour correctly. It is the Australian spelling as I have pointed out, and you will find it in any dictionary.

So you admit that your concern is libertarian in nature, that no-one should pay taxes, that Labour is out there nesting its egg with the carbon tax. Good one, enjoy being alone in your thinking.