Press Statement: Aboriginal News Group Calls For the People To #Occupy & #Decolonize The Fourth World



A Communiqué from the ANG Public Information Bureau:

To the Peoples of the Fourth World

To the Mass Media

The Fourth World -- 11.22.2011 -- The international blog-journalists association, the Aboriginal News Group (ANG), a stateless, independent media guild organised by persons representing a broad variety of independent viewpoints and comprised principally of concerned individuals from Autochthonous/First Nations communities, wishes to make public its support for the international #Occupy movement and to declare our solidarity with all those who are taking an active part in pro-democratic street demonstrations and in the international digital efforts that support the public communications challenges of this important struggle.

We also wish at this time to state our support for our Brothers and Sisters struggling bravely against violent state and neo-colonialist repression in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Palestine and especially within the continental United States, the presumed ideological and spiritual home of political freedom, objective justice and genuine democracy.

Having said that,

We, the ANG, go further by appealing to all Indigenous peoples around the world and the grassroots organisations that represent them to peacefully and non-violently sustain this international movement by standing up to their respective Tribal governments in order to #Decolonize the state and corporate occupied ancestral territories that rightfully belong to the nations and peoples of the Fourth World.

We demand that the international community not just talk about Aboriginal/First Nations rights but that they actually substantiate their coquettish rhetoric by standing aside and allowing the people of the Indigenous world to actualise their own political, economic and cultural development without undue interference, coercion or other forms of subversive repression routinely utilised against Indigenous Peoples and movements.

We believe that the time for an intellectual, cultural and spiritual insurrection in the minds and hearts of the Peoples of the Fourth World is NOW.

As original human beings of Mother Earth and as rational citizens of the world, we are appalled by the belligerent and machiavellian disregard displayed by ‘elected’ governments and establishment politicians, the international moneyed-classes and the obtuse attitudes of conservative-citizens who sanction government mistreatment against the cordial, democratic exercise of public dissent.

The malevolent conduct of the ownership-classes of the world have proved them to be a group class of people beyond reason, compassion or common-sense. Through their own negative actions, the authoritarian conservative social dynamics stubbornly opposed to the belated rise of international People’s Power has demonstrated itself to be a threat to the hard-won democratic freedoms of all logical-thinking people.

The extant power structure has shown that they are willing to go to virtually any extreme, no matter how revolting, in order to preserve the unfair global arrangement that places Anglo-phone, vulture-capitalist hegemony above the rights of defenceless peoples, the working masses and the planet’s already weakened ecosystem.

For the past several months, the global public has been witness to numerous intensely vicious and grossly irresponsible examples of state-sponsored brutality. From Tahir Square in Egypt to the campus of The University of California, Davis in the United States, the use of systemic violence by military and civilian law enforcement against cool-headed, law-abiding, non-violent civilian protesters and other non-combatants has lamentably become the norm.

The indecent, unnecessary and illegal use of indiscriminate pepper-spray attacks, evening protest-ground raids and nightstick-assaults being employed by many law enforcement departments and their officers is without a doubt a frightful and revealing symptom of a sociopolitical system that is out of control, out of touch and utterly resistant to the public demand for authentic, representative democracy.

This is the situation all across the world. And as Original Peoples and caretakers of Mother Earth we are calling for an immediate end to the madness.

We stand together with the people of the #OWS Movement in the struggle against neoliberal exploitation of the Fourth World, the poor and the working-class.

We Demand:

An immediate end to institutional anti-Indigenous genocide!

An immediate end to racial, cultural, spiritual, judicial, educational, territorial and economic discrimination against Original Peoples!

That Indigenous governments and NGO’s charged to represent Indigenous Peoples represent them, not the colonial, neoliberal and landed gentry classes!

That there be an immediate end to opportunistic anti-Indigenous violence from racist civilians, unsympathetic law enforcement and predatory paramilitary forces who engage in violence against Indigenous peoples.

That there be an immediate end to the abhorrent escalation of sexual brutality perpetrated against our women around the world and that this issue be addressed by an international, Indigenous-led council of review and recommendation.

That the repression against the global Indigenous Community END NOW!

Social Justice!
Indigenous Autonomy!

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Avram Montag, ANG Public Information Bureau / The Fourth World: