"The Murdoch enterprise has prospered...from a peculiar ability to penetrate democracy's imperfect immune system." - Bruce Page, The Murdoch Archipelago, 2003.



Hi kids, let's play Join the dots!

  • Public hearings begin for the biggest media inquiry in Australia's history.
  • News Corpse boss Rupert Murder descends from the clouds on one of his annual visits to News Extremely Bloody Limited, his Australian product.
  • John Hartigan, long-serving and faithful chairman and CEO of News Extremely Bloody Limited, "resigns".
  • Rupe gives himself Harto's job as chairman of News Extremely Bloody Limited.


Only "humble" old Rupe knows for sure but he's being devouring his young for yonks, so you can bet it's all part of some divine, thrice-blessed News Corpse plan of his own devising.

The global mass media highway is strewn with the bodies of Rupe's ditched senior reporters, editors, chiefs-of-staff and formerly praised senior execs.

And now comes this latest high profile execution in the blinding glare of the ongoing scandal involving Rupe's U.K. product, Poos International, which caused the demise of his favourite toy, the tabloid dunny paper, Poos Of The World.

For all its excremental activities, POTW finally went down for illegally hacking into people's phone messages.

New news reports reckon the Poos of the World paid a private dick to spy on royal pimple Prince Willy and a swag of other Brit knobs and baubles.

Poos International had previously insisted the spying and hacking was limited (but, clearly NOT extremely bloody limited) to one rogue reporter who was gaoled. Ouch!

In this regard, Rupe's son Prince Jimmy Murder will appear for a second time before ruffled Brit MPs for a rewrite. Ouch!

Former top brass from Poos International have revealed that Prince Jimmy was aware of the extent of the hacking earlier than he has admitted. Ouch!

To date, seventeen people have been arrested over this rancid organisation's modis operandi, including former Poos International knobs, as part of a new inquiry into phone hacking and kick-backs to cops. Ouch!

Investigations have revealed almost 5,800 people were violated by Rupe's Poos. Ouch!

All of which threatens Rupert Murder's U.S. HQ because if the Yanks decide to dig for dirt regarding the antics of News Corpse...OUCH!!!

Unless Rupe can slime his way out of the potentially catastrophic burst of diarrhoea in his usual style by coming to some sweet, cynical, secret, devious and mutually beneficial arrangement with the powers-that-be.

What else would you expect from an amoral, venal, power-hungry mogul whose media reaches approximately 3/4 of the world's population?

And if you've suckled on the tit of Fux News or are just too stupid to understand how that works, I suggest you start by reading The Murdoch Archipelago by Bruce Page.

Failing that, just google - or bing - Black Jack McKewen and how he knobbled his rival in the Oz PM stakes the hapless, hopeless efete Billy McMahon, with a little help from young Rupert way back in 1967 when then serving PM Harold Holt drowned while swimming.

Political interference for favours is the News Corpse template.

Well, kids, have you joined the dots yet?

This was Max Gross, uncorking one for See you there! Cheers!




Surely Murdoch must eventually be charged with SOMETHING!