Writers and Creatives Get Published in August Theme - "Why Do You Care?

Vibewire is calling for submissions from aspiring writers, journalists, photographers and artists.

Young creatives can get themselves published online by submitting their work to Vibewire's Portal website under the monthly August theme of “Why Do You Care?”. Everyday we are being asked to ‘care’ from charity workers asking you to care about rainforests to politicians asking for you to care about their latest policy. No matter where we turn or where we look people are always asking us to ‘care’. The question is, why? Why do you care about the things you love or loathe? Vibewire wants to know why you care about the things you care about.

The best submissions received on Portal will be published in print in the Vibewire Quarterly Anthology. For more information, or to order past anthologies, contact mei.yin@vibewire.org.
The Anthology will provide its contributors with national exposure. It helps foster an interchange between up-and-coming writers, journalists, photographers and their more experienced peers – creating a the synergy to work together in creating pieces that provoke, engage and entertain. It even includes inspirational articles from young, innovative entrepreneurs who have battled to find their place in their industry of choice.

“’Vibewire's Portal is in the business of publishing young creatives’ says Micah Chua, Portal Coordinator, ‘not only is it great exposure, but as a writer, you'll need to be immersed in the constant practise of your craft. Do something productive about the pure gold that falls out of your brain and submit to Portal!’”
Every month the Portal site has a new theme – we are looking for submissions that somehow reflect the theme “Why Do You Care?” from writers under the age of 30.

A 1000 word limit applies, and images should be submitted in 300 DPI format.

The deadline for submissions is 31st August.
Contributors can submit directly onto the Portal dashboard when logged in, or simply email their work and full name to editor@vibewire.org.