Brisbane Food Not Bombs Kitchen vs Talisman Sabre 2011

Food not Bombs kitchen, Brisbane Square, Brisbane CBD, 1pm on Saturday the 16th of July- to voice our opposition to the Talisman-Sabre War Games, 2011.

These military ‘games’ are costing the Australian taxpayer over $100 million.
Who decided that? Not the Australian people.

The games are being held in various locations across Australia including in Shoalwater Bay, part of the Great Barrier Reef region; threatening the areas’ ecology and the existence of more than 25 endangered species.

They represent only a portion of the Australian military's $6 million a day budget; bleeding resources from essential community services such as health, education and housing.

These games further incorporate the Australian military into the U.S Pacific Command and their system of bases in Australia.

Who decided that?

In a real democracy, citizens have a voice and control over the resources and decisions which affect them. We demand an end to the Talisman Sabre joint exercises.

For more information, our flyer is available at