The ANZAC Myth Booklet

The ANZAC Myth is a publication created by 3CR's Joe Toscano from the Anarchist Media Institute - it seeks to dispel the myths surrounding ANZAC Day. This booklet acknowledges the sacrifices made by those Australians who opposed conscription and Australia’s involvement in World War One. It details the both the anti-conscription campaign and the repression of the IWW in Australia who played an important role in the movement including the frame up of 12 of its members for treason, conspiracy and arson.Read the booklet online here

The Green Left Weekly has also published an an interesting article detailing the role of the ANZAC's in 1919 in putting down bloodily an independance movement in Egypt which resulted in the massacre of hundreds of Egyptians. As stated in the article the role of the ANZACS's in this oppression highlights the imperialist nature of the conflict in World War One and Australia's part in it.