Hunger strike at Villawood ends

The hunger strike at Villawood has ended on Sunday March 13–below is the text below of a letter sent by the strikers to the Immigration Department to inform them.

Villawood IDC
15 Birmingham Avenue
13 March 2011

Deputy Director – IMA
Villawood IDC
Villawood NSW

Dear Sir,

Concluding the fasting vigil

We, Thillainathan Suthakaran, Kokilakumar Subramaniyam and Suvendran Kathirkamaththamby, are writing to inform you that we are concluding our fast on 13 March 20^11, which started on 1 March 2011.

We came to this decision, following numerous requests from our wide range of well-wishers in the Tamil community and the greater Australian community. Their continuing understanding and their support for our struggle to lead a productive life in this world give us a confidence that something positive will happen for us soon. We want to show our good will and give a chance to the Department of immigration to take necessary actions.

Our well-wishers include individuals and community organisations. We thank them all for their care and kindness during this difficult time.

We particularly thank the legal professionals, who intend to represent us in our struggle and made a passionate request to finish our vigil. We wish to give their attempts a chance.

We believe our requests for a timeframe to bring a solution are fair. We hope the Department of Immigration and ASIO would look at our cases, and make a favourable decision. As in the past we will continue to work with the Department.

Thillainathan Suthakaran
Kokilakumar Subramaniyam
Suvendran Kathirkamaththamby