It has been said: Corruption in any democratic country, island, state of territory, can only exist with the support of every member of the ruling and opposition parties, and in the state of NSW and in relation to complaints about police I have found this to be so true.

It took me ten years to discover how publicly funded authorities and each publicly funded investigative authority are able to defeat evidence of police corruption, which effectively ended any automatic claim of compensation from being made by victim of police corruption.

Part of my investigations of legislation under which complaints about police are investigated, I discovered in 1983 a certain piece of legislation had been secretly and deceptively inserted into the 1978 Police Regulation (Allegations of Misconduct) Act, I allege the reasons why such legislation was secretly and deceptively created, because it was known that this particular piece of legislation was inconsistent with legislation the Ombudsman Act has contained from the day it was assented.

I can find only one reason why legislation inconsistent with legislation the Ombudsman Act contained, was inserted into the PRAM Act 1978?

The legislation, which in 1983 was inserted into the 1978 PRAM Act, indicated the Ombudsman under the Ombudsman Act could investigate the conduct of a complaint made about a police officer. In July 1993 the Ombudsman advised me that he had pursuant to s.16 of the Ombudsman act re-investigated a complaint the initial police investigation had not investigated, resulted in a statement having been taken from a witness corroborating the complaint made.

Based upon this evidence the Ombudsman reported to the Police Service solicitor that he had determined the complaint to be sustained, and made recommendations as to what action should be taken. The response the service solicitor prepared the Ombudsman received on the 25th August 1993, but did not disclose in the final report the contents of the police response to the Ombudsman’s sustained findings.

This information the Assist Ombudsman disclosed 12 months later on the 11th July 1994, confirming the police had rejected the Ombudsman’s findings on the grounds that there was no evidence to prove the officers investigated had done anything wrong.

It was from information Ms Moss published under the heading of “Functions and Jurisdiction of the Ombudsman”. I discovered: The jurisdiction of the Ombudsman was limited by the exclusion of the conduct of public authorities as specified by Schedule 1 of the Act.

This information led me to immediately recall the Ombudsman having carried out under s.16 of the Ombudsman Act the conduct of a complaint I made against two police officers, and I now know why the Police rejected the Ombudsman’s sustained findings, and why the Ombudsman made a discretionary decision to take no further action, is because the Ombudsman did not tell me the reasons why the Police claimed there was no evidence to prove two police officers had committed any wrongdoing, is because the service solicitor was correct.

For I allege the service solicitor drew the Ombudsman’s attention to clause 13 of the Schedule, pointing out, despite what a piece of police legislation incorrectly indicated, having no jurisdiction under the Ombudsman act to investigate the conduct of a police officer made the evidence (given in a statement by a witness) upon which the Ombudsman based his sustained finding inadmissible.

Just as Wikileak was set up to disclose government secrets, I decided to copy Mr. Assange and set up NSWLEAK.COM. I have posted on the Internet 186 pages of documents containing the information necessary to confirm how on three occasions, in 1983, 1993, and 1998 legislation was tampered with secretly and deceptively, with just one purpose in mind to pervert the investigation of any evidence of police corruption.

I allege when a parliament is as corrupt as the NSW parliament obviously is, who is worthy of honestly representing the community of NSW? This is a decision every voter has to decide, and what I am doing in the public interest, is helping a
voter to decide.

Robert Lee



We are one of the NSW Police corruption Victims.

There are any number of people out here who know the system is buggered, many of them but not all are identified as whistle blowers, our problem is we will not get together and fight for a functioning democracy. Like I imagine you have Robert Lee I have stood up in public and pitched my issues, I have written to elected representatives believing when good honest people were made aware they too would stand up. That belief in people is not enough, being determined and standing outside NSW parliament for over four hundred days sometimes eighteen hours a day then sleeping in a Ute out the back, to then get up and do the same again is not enough! Identifying politicians by name as liars in the print media is not enough. I have personally published over thirty full page ads with instructive photos generating over fifty thousand words identifying clear and apparent corruption. There may have been twenty five written responses only a few of them in the letters section of our local papers Robert and about five phone calls and some people have handed me instant scratches as they pick up the paper from me at the train station each fortnight I have over 1200 people take the paper from me now, often asking what page is my ad. There have been two people give me money as support, one chap handed me fifty dollars and explained that was all he could afford. Those few people have helped me keep going for almost twelve years. I know people won't admit it, but they are frightened to stand up and speak out. They discuss what we do among their friends and arrive at a conclusion, What can we do Ed has got it under control. They have no idea that good government flows up from the people. We are that mandate our elected reps talk about when they say they have a mandate. Activist like us are like blades of grass on our own we are nothing until we get together in common cause and form a lawn which can stand up to being walked on, this is it. Edward James 0243419140

Well Said Edward its just like the whistle blowers trying to bring the Rape and Abuse of Innocent Aurtistic Students out at who attend CARENNE PUBLIC SCHOOL BATHURST not one person wants to stop it.

May I say this is still going on. I can offer first hand experience on corruption in the NSW Police Service and thier so called Internal Affairs Branch(old name). I was in the coppers for over 15 years and I was straight, my life was jepodised because I did not wish to tolerate the corruption. I have lost my family, home, job and everything because of bent coppers. It is a joke and sickening that this still goes on. I tried to stop some of it and it dam near cost me my life. I still live, looking behind me. THE SYSTEM IS BENT.I had brake lines on my car cut, death threats, and the list goes on. I have been out for 10 years now, and it still haunts me. I have paid the ultimate price for working hard, honest....I have nothing.

Well Rob, The cats out of the bag.The whole system is a sick confuleted mess that is intensionally defective to stop people getting justice.

Mark Rowney

The Government is knowingly violating the International protocols it signed up to and laws which allow police to refuse to investigate their work mates invovled in drug trafiking, child rape and child murder such as Alison Newsteads murder etc plus murdering 7 witnesses who could expose the police involved in Alison newsteads murder 4 of these witnesses when I was going through court trying to get justice for the victims and the victims are all vicimts of Police Minister Michael COstas relations and friends and it seems that Corrupt police officer Harley Barbour who raped 17 yo Alison Newstead along with Bernie Flaherty may have been related to Ombudsmans Bruce BArbour who persistantly protected police invovled in these crimes each time I tried to get justice through the Ombudsmans office where Daryn Nichols asked for an investigation, then admitted the police tampered with evidence but said his office would not take any action

These are direct violations of section 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 319, 317, 315, 315a etc of the NSW crimes act 1900 which police have an obligation under section 7 of the police act part b as well as their oaths of office code of ethics etc.

As 141 of the police act is in direct violation of every UN protocol every government official and police officer who allows 141 to be used to cover up genocide etc is ignoring the vicitms rights unde article 26 ICCPR and therefore ignoring their obligations as an individual , a group and a state under part 5 (1) (2) of the ICCPR and therefore the vicitms have a right for an address through the UN.

I have apprached the OHCHR yesterday to force the NSW government to repeal law 141 of the police act so police can no longer hide behind it

I am a victim of police corruption, and knew alison newstead, i live with fear everyday, i had to disapear leaving my children behind as for threats made to kill my kids. I was raped by cops while a detective watched, my life threatened so serverly i tried suicide many times. I was kidnapped and taken out bush in cessnock, stalked, phones bugged and house. Made look insane and disbelieved. Ii believe i will be murdered still. No One listens, iwas recently ran over which again police are covering up.