Dole payments fall behind 30 advanced countries

TWO MILLION Australians are now living below the official poverty line.

In such an affluent society why is the ALP failing to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged? And why is there now a huge divide between the dole and the aged pension?

 - Welfare payments are dropping every year in Australia.

 - The basic unemployment benefit now stands at just $234 per week.

 - That’s $33 per day.

 - Our unemployment payment is now the lowest of 30 OECD nations.

 - The Dole for single people is $130 a week less than the aged pension.

Isn’t he ALP is supposed to be all about looking after battlers and the disadvantaged?

The Labor government has done little to change the statistics since coming to power in 2007.


Could you live on $33 per day?

Could any politician live on $33 a day?

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The employment minister is Chris Evans.