Australian government avoiding responsibility to care for abused children

Sign over the responsibility for foster children to the pedophiles in the churches that preyed on these children in the past. Great idea.

This approach has been tried in America and created a system where a young child who is taken into fos...ter care is worth more than an older child. The infants and unborn chiildren of lower income families are targeted as they are unable to afford effective legal representation.

Why are younger children worth more to these so called charity organisations who are now been awarded a multi million dollar turn over?

Because an unborn infant can be easily adopted, which earns extra bonuses for these charities.

An infant also has the potential to remain in this terrifying system for up to eighteen year. The charities get paid for each year that their posession, the child, comes under their guardianship.

This creates an environment where the charities fair much better off financially the longer a child remains in foster care. They don't want the children returned as it reduces their income.

But churches aren't into business are they. Who is the richest church in the world, I am guessing it is the catholics. Who has the most pedophile priests in the world, I am guessing the catholics.

"Any nation that does not care for and protect all of its children does not deserve to be called a nation." (Nelson Mandela).

The federal government currently denies any responsibility for the chaotic and tragic state of Child Protection in Australia, each state given this authority, resulting in a group of failing Child Protection departments spread across the nation, instead of one system run by the federal government which would surely be easier to evaluate and maintain.

The government is once again sidestepping the issue and spreading this debacle over many organisations, when they should be stepping up to the plate.



It does not surprise me that a country would take on this viewpoint, in fact, its only normal. Since so many people have been abused in their life, they have become desensitized to how painful and brutal abuse really is. They have forgotten what they went through as children.
Now they seek only to further ignore it, and by doing so they allow it to happen over and over again. Today's children are only suffering because no one spoke up years before. Were we to become educated and knowledgeable of the destructive effects of abuse, the future children of our generation will have the chance of living a healthy, and neuroses free life.
This is not the case however because governments and authorities believe that they should avoid talking and thinking about it. In fact they are acting so contradictory to themselves since their job is to protect and offer security to their citizens, they are backing down from it instead.
We as citizens have a responsibility also. If we choose to look at reality and read into what abuse does to a child, perhaps we can become compassionate and extend a helping hand to one who we know is being abused. That is all it takes.
I urge everyone to learn more about this as it is a horrific even taking the lives of millions of innocent and defenseless children.
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Alexia Miller