Pirate protest: Forbes global CEO conference!

A group of "anti-corporate pirates" protested outside the Forbes global CEO's conference at the luxury Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney on Sepetember 29, 2010. Corporate pirates were plundering and destroying the earth and exploiting the world's majority, said Pirate Paul Benedek. "They are giving us grassroots pirates a bad name!"
YouTube Footage of Pirate Demo

"What do we do with the corporate thieves, what do we do with the corporate thieves, early in the morning? Put them to work for a $1 a day, make 'em walk the plank and feed the fishes, swim in their pollution or lock 'em up on Christmas Island..." sang the pirates in the face of an over-the-top police presence to protect the corporate pirates.

ABC Radio National's PM program recorded US billionaire investor Ken Fisher at the Forbe's CEO conference:
"I believe in capitalism. Capitalism to me is a spiritual concept. Democracy just gets in the way. Democracy is annoying. Let them buy stuff and eat cake. Where I come from if you don't believe in capitalism you're going to hell."
Source: http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2010/s3024287.htm

Some pics of the pirate protest today:


Capitalist media on the Forbes protest:




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Actually they are wrong. Wrong in saying "capitalism".
One of the central themes of capitalism is private ownership of wealth.
This is not really the case in our global debt finance world. All anyone, including the rich and super rich can have is a document of potential profits. That means if they don't put their profits back into the market place in one way or another, THEY OWN NOTHING.
Same as Gold is a net loss business, when you care to analyse the real powers at work. And that is the artificial and arbitrary creation of scarcity with debt money, producing "phantom wealth".

Methinks ye be needing a few pirate lessons yerself landlubber,

Capitalism is not the only system that has "private ownership of wealth". Even under socialist or anarchist models private ownership of wealth occurs. The defining point of capitalism is that wealth is used as 'capital' and the labour of others is exploited.

i.e. you are not a capitalist until you exploit or extract wealth from others... now let me get back to fighting them corporate pirates on the high seas....