Help visit asylum seekers in Melbourne detention centres

A group has been formed to co-ordinate visits to people in the two detention centres in Melbourne. Bring food! Bring your friends! Bring a guitar! Bring a soccer ball! Make it a fun group activity!

Lots of teenaged kids have been brought to Melbourne from Christmas Island to wait while their visas are processed, or while they claims are suspended. They are going out of their brains and they need to know that there are Australians out there who care for them and support them. NB It's great if you can commit to a regular-ish visit (weekly? fortnightly? with a phone call or two in between), as you'll find yourself developing real ongoing friendships with people.

To get in contact and register for one of the visits email:


Visitor Application form:

Conditions of entry form:

It will save heaps of time if you print, read and complete these PRIOR to going for the visit



Hi Let me know how we can get involved re year 10 Deaf students